Talk to Professor Lima

Hello everyone,
I am very honored to have you all here.
I am a professor of inclusive education and a psychophysicist in the field of haptics. I train audio describers and I am very active on the human rights of people with disability in Brazil.
I love talking, although sometimes my time is tight.
If you would like to leave me a message, a question or a comment on this site or on any of the subjects above, I will be glad to read from you and to respond all that I can.
Please let me know who you are and be free to help me with answering other people’s questions.
I am a teacher and I believe there is no good teaching if one does not listen to his or her students. Everybody has something to teach and lots of things to learn.
By making myself available to talk to you all, I am looking forward to learning with each of you.
Thank you all and Be always welcome to the Audio Description Worldwide Cobnsortium.

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